For everyone that I've met, worked with, come into contact with, spoken to, or helped in any capacity - THANK YOU!

This facility has been a dream of mine for many years. The thought of being able to own and operate a nutrition, health, and fitness facility is something - to be frank - I never thought would happen. So many things have gotten in the way of pursuing this dream that most often it was a glorified pipe-dream more so than an actuality.

After I got out of the military was a really bad time in my life. I wasn't ready for real life, life on my own. The military had always taken care of me, through good times and bad, and I could always fall back on it wherever I was in the world. When I got out I felt alone - no where to go, no place to call my own, no one to count on like I could my brothers - alone. I traveled all over the country sleeping on couches where people would let me not having a single clue what I wanted to do with my life, or if life was even an option anymore. I still had a dream though and it gave me hope - hope that I may possibly make it through this low point of my life and open my own business one day; my own fitness facility, more specifically.

When the smoke cleared and I somehow pulled myself up out of the ditch, I finally made my way back to Des Moines, Iowa once again several years after I got out. I began studying health/nutrition sciences again and picked up an interest in sports medicine - those defining moments are what I consider to be the beginning of my yellow brick road. It all had to begin somewhere and mine began (again) at that moment six years ago.

FF six years and on August 1st, 2016, after many years of studying, practical application, self-teaching, and OJT via my own training programs and nutritional guidance, I opened Anchor NSC.

Many look at me and see what's on the surface, but what I'm really made of is love, compassion, a lust for learning anything about the human body, and a true yearning to help those in need of anything I have to offer.

So for that, for your help in those low times when it was hard to see what was right in-front of me - although we didn't know each other at the time - I want to say THANK YOU for allowing me to help you in any capacity. It truly has saved my life and given me hope and purpose.