***Nutrition Tip of the Day***

A few days ago we spoke about proteins. Today, the focus is on carbohydrates and the difference between a complex & a simple carb in terms of food selection. This topic has a lot of “sciency” stuff that we COULD get into, but we’re not going to; not today anyway. It’s also important to mention that there are caveats to just about everything, so bare that in mind for this post.

Close your eyes for a second and picture yourself at a grocery store, just walking in from the main entrance. Generally, what you’re going to see is the Produce section and in this section will be a majority of your COMPLEX (good) carbohydrate choices. If you were to walk through the Produce section and into the aisle with crackers, cookies, and snacks, what you’d be looking at are SIMPLE (bad) carbohydrate choices.

If your goal is to optimize your health both physically and physiologically, you want to consume more COMPLEX carbohydrate sources than SIMPLE carbohydrates. Think of those SIMPLE carb choices as injecting sugar directly into your veins – we all KNOW that this isn’t a good choice, so just say No more often than you say yes!

Think of complex carbohydrate food choices as vegetables, roots & tubers (although a denser option – great for performance athletes), and high ORAC content fruits such as most berries.

Conversely, think of simple carbohydrate food choices as processed & starchy items like bread (in almost every form), sweets, sugars, crackers, chips, pancakes, donuts, the list is literally endless.

The terms COMPLEX & SIMPLE are derived from the molecular content of these carbohydrate choices. Complex carbs have a more complex molecular structure and are generally HIGHER in FIBER and take longer to digest, which is a good thing. Simple carbs have a less complex molecular structure and have LITTLE to NO fiber, which allows them to be digested and shuttled into the bloodstream very quickly, which is a bad thing as it’s broken down into a sugar and increases the insulin response; also a bad thing.

WOW – we totally just went there. I knew we couldn’t write about carbohydrates and not get all “sciency” with it!

Happy Eating!

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