I think many people tend to overlook the meaning behind memorial day weekend. Not that you shouldn't have your own idea of what the weekend looks like in your life, but the actual MEANING behind the day - why it's a national holiday - why it's such a big deal to those who have served in the United States Military.

Indeed, you should have fun and be with friends, family, and loved ones; spending the time exactly how you have planned to do. But the meaning behind the day is less about that and more about honoring sacrifice.

The sacrifice of our fallen countrymen and women who have bravely and courageously put their lives in harms way to defend our great nation and paid the ultimate price - selflessly giving their lives so others may live; to include all Military branches, Law Enforcement officers, and First Responders of any kind.

Please, by all means, enjoy the long weekend that you've earned - I'm sure you've worked your butt's off this year to earn a 96hr liberty pass. But also please spend a few moments of reflection on the men and women who have literally died so you could spend the time with your family and loved ones this weekend.

Just my two cents. I hope it was helpful and insightful for you.