What are you passionate about? Do you know passion when you feel it? Can you distinguish the difference between extrinsic motivations and intrinsic passion?

Passion comes from the heart; you'll know it when you FEEL it. Motivation is cool, but is it worth chasing? Most often you'll find that motivation fades and only lasts for short periods of time. There are several types of motivations: Extrinsic and Intrinsic - Meaning the source of the motivation is derived external or internal forces, respectively. Dedication is another step in the right direction and is almost always an intrinsic force, but from what I've found this tends to simply be a mindset. Having the right mindset is DEFINITELY a very large part of it, but still not the entire pie, so to speak.

PASSION is in your BONES - in your HEART! It literally moves you to the point of physical and physiological change in your body. E.G. When I listen to the right kind of music (HEAVY AF METAL), I literally get goosebumps. When I think about helping people reach their goals or giving them a small knowledge bomb that helps change their lives, I can honestly FEEL it in my heart and sometimes, it moves me to tears. That's passion. That's what I'm chasing. THAT is what you need to chase if you want to TRULY do what you're meant to do in this life.

When you FEEL it, chase it. That's your passion.