⚓Small group strength & conditioning classes⚓

Because we want to provide you with one-on-one attention each and every time you come in to workout with us, we keep the number of members per class at 10. Any more than that needs more attention and coaching, but we feel that one coach for one class of 10 members is the best ratio for group class settings. We ask that you pre-register before each class that you would like to attend within our mobile app. This gives our coaches the greatest chance for success in getting everything set-up and ready to go for each class time.

All payments are set-up as monthly automatic withdrawals from your preferred banking institution on the first day of every month. Monthly rates for your first month of membership with us are pro-rated for the remainder of days in the current month. After the first pro-rated month, your auto-withdrawals will reflect your current membership agreement price plus local state taxes. 

You also have the choice to pay for your membership and all other services in-full.


This is a 1 week course of instruction which walks the beginner through all things strength & conditioning - including weightlifting etiquette/form/function/equipment usage/warm-ups/cool-downs/common movements used in group classes/etc. This is required for everyone, but can be bypassed if you meet certain requirements. Upon completion, you will graduate to the Strength & Conditioning classes and class times.

Meeting times for Fundamentals are set up between coach and athlete and are flexible based on your availability.

Month to Month

Unlimited strength & conditioning classes for one month. Membership automatically renews each month.

Group classes with daily programming tailored to increasing athletic capacity via strength training & Olympic weightlifting, conditioning, and skill development. There's an athlete inside of all of us - this class was built to help you realize that! To maximize recovery from these classes, our Recovery Club works wonders!

6 Months

Unlimited strength & conditioning classes for 6 months.

9 Months

Unlimited strength & conditioning classes for 9 months.

12 Months

Unlimited strength & conditioning classes for 12 months.

Military/Veteran/First Responder

Unlimited strength & conditioning classes for one month.

Anchor is a Veteran Owned and Operated small business - as such, we know exactly how hard it is to be in one place for 6, 9, or 12 months at a time. With that in mind, we keep your membership to a month to month agreement. This will auto-renew each month, but give us a heads up and we'll get you taken care of on short notice if need be. Oh ya, your membership is 50% off. Forever. Guaranteed.


⚓Nutrition coaching & programs⚓

Anchor offers very in depth nutritional services to meet your needs and goals. We have both in-house programs and completely remote programs where we've worked with clients and athletes all over the country! Our Nutrition Coaching Program is broken down into a 12wk program. This program is best suited for clients & athletes who are looking to build a healthy nutrition program into their lives with a solid fitness foundation (Beginner to Elite).

12 week Nutrition Coaching program

Nutritional Guidelines based on body composition statistics + personalized meal plan using the block method. Measurements and body composition are assessed once per week and nutritional guidelines are reassessed every 30 days while on the program. Each and every program varies by person, so no program is exactly the same as another. This is all due to taking each person's individual body composition into account: Lean muscle mass, non-lean muscle mass (fatty tissue), visceral & subcutaneous tissue mass, height, weight, plus 10 total body girth measurements paint us a highly accurate picture that gives us the tools needed to create your personally tailored nutritional guidelines. We track this progress each week and monitor trends so we can adjust your program accordingly to get you to your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible!


Email dillon@anchornsc.com at any time if you have questions about our rates or policies.